Severe Duty Industrial Vacuums and Vacuum Cleaning Systems

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Chapter 5: Horsepower Stories

As we mentioned in our last section, marketers love to exaggerate their units’ productivity beyond reality. The retail vacuum business is likely one of the areas where the most grievous infractions occur. But if our customers have already tried shop vac units, we usually need to explain to them the ins and outs of horsepower…

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Chapter 4: The Dreaded @

Marketing is a competitive business, and there are always some vendors who feel the need to over-emphasize the positive things about their vacuums, and perhaps even to exaggerate beyond what their units can really do. Performance claims are often boastful for many types of products, but there are really a lot of extremes seen in…

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Chapter 3: Let’s Discuss Pressure

This is a quick lesson in pressure and vacuum terminology. There are a few common pressure terms that need to be understood if you’re going to talk vacuum with those of us in the business. Here they are: W.G. Water Gauge (plus a height dimension) W.C. Water Column or Column of Water Inches H2O Inches…

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Chapter 2: A Different CFM

This is the lesson in “air flow” that’s eventually covered in just about every vacuum system sale. There is more confusion over the terms “SCFM”, “ICFM” and “ACFM” than any other topic in the wonderful world of compressed air. So, for the layman, here are a few definitions: SCFM Standard Cubic Feet of air per…

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Chapter 1: The Basic Stuff

This is the basic information that most every buyer will prefer to have in front of them when they purchase an industrial vacuum. This stuff will help give you an idea of what to read through in order to make an educated choice as a buyer. 1.1 Duty Cycle The duty cycle of a machine…

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