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DVP Series Positive Displacement Industrial Vacuum

Get the high performance that only a lobe pump delivers.

Electric • Gas/Petrol • Diesel • Propane

Want to use a long vacuum hose? Need to pick up powder spills fast? When you need serious power, you need a lobe type vacuum producer. That's because it pulls harder as the job gets tougher.

In fact, our design moves material three times faster than other vacuums using centrifugal vacuum pumps of the same horsepower!

Since the Positive Displacement Series machines all feature our exclusive triple filtration system, even ultra-fines like iron oxide and fly ash are never a problem. And like all our portables, all models have a high efficiency, cartridge type inline filter that can easily be upgraded to HEPA type.

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"This thing is a beast.  Picks up everything!" 
- Taylor Shaw, Scranton, PA

DVP Series Model Specific Features:

System Hp 15 Hp 20 Hp 25 Hp 30 Hp
No. of Hoses 1 x 2.0″ / 2 x 1.5″ 1 x 2.5″ / 3 x 1.5″ 1 x 3.0″ / 2 x 2.0″ 1 x 3.0″ / 3 x 2.0″
Performance (Lb/Min) 85 105 133 166
Air Flow (Inlet CFM) 360 500 500 650
Vacuum (Maximum) 12″ Hg. 14″ Hg. 16″ Hg. 16″ Hg.
Primary Filter (ft2) 61.6 61.6 61.6 61.6
Storage (US Gal) 26 26 26 26
Noise Level @ 3ft 85 85 85 85
Weight (LBS) 735 795 935 1030
DVP Industrial Vacuum END
DVP Industrial Vacuum FRONT

DVP Series Common Features:

  • SUTORBILT “Legend” positive displacement Vacuum pump.
  • Premium efficiency TEFC motor selected for its dependability.
  • Primary filter efficiency of 99.9% @ 0.5 microns, standard.
  • Inline filter for operator protection, easily upgrades to HEPA.
  • Effective filter cleaning system.
  • Filter condition indicator.
  • Available portable and fixed central vacuum frames
  • UL / CSA / CE Compliance

The DVP Series vacuum normally will require a pre-separator to collect bulk material. See Accessories.

All models can be configured without wheels to make a central vacuum.

Combine industrial duty power with triple filtration.

No compromise. Get the power you need to support long vacuum hoses or piping systems.


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