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Lifetime Series Portable Vacuum

2x more filter than any other single phase vacuum in the world.

Filters so reliable and so good that we guarantee them for life.

The DuroVac LIFTTIMETM Series is for companies who need to concentrate on WORK and not their vacuum system. Never shut down production to clean the filters!

The system is so efficient that even ultra-fine powders like concrete dust, pigments and compounding dust will NOT plug and blind the filters. EVER.

When the canister is full, an external handle allows you to completely clean the filter in just seconds, so you can get working again ... fast.

Importantly, the LT features a HEPA filter as standard that saves your new vacuum from dust damage if ever the primary filters fail (will pass DOP testing easily).

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"The one we bought in 2007 is still working great.  They don't quit and we use them every day.  Now we own six."  
- Ken Stanley, Toronto, ON

Model Specifications:

System Hp 16.4A (120V)
Longest Hose 50 Feet
Air Flow 320 SCFM
Vacuum (Maximum) 70” WG
Primary Filter Area 34.9 Sq Ft
Material Storage 20 US Gallons
Noise Level @ 3ft 77 dBa
Weight (LBS) 135 Lbs.

LIFETIME Series Common Features:

  • 4,000 hour rated single phase 50/60 Hz motor
  • 34.9 sq. ft. of primary filter media
  • Filter efficiency of 99.9% @ 0.5 microns, standard
  • Effective external filter cleaning system
  • HEPA 99.97% @ 0.3 micron safety filter, standard
  • Built in silencer for smooth, quiet operation

Buy this vacuum for 100% dust free operation.

The LIFETIMETM vacuum features a long life motor and the rugged construction that contractors demand. Supports hoses up to 50 ft 16 m.


If fine dust is causing you grief,
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