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PowerLift® Series Industrial Vacuums

Severe duty vacuum with lowest possible maintenance

This all-in-one package features maximum suction and huge storage at a seriously competitive price.


Available in all world voltages, diesel, and propane.
Whether it's ultra-abrasive & heavy, or light & extremely fine, let us configure a PowerLift® exactly for you.

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ROB BENTLEY, Sayre PA  about a PL50

Got a big job?
Get a PowerLift.

The PowerLift® is an industrial class vacuum system with a huge integrated storage hopper. It can be used as a portable, or it can be connected to a piping system without modification and used as a central vacuum.

It's a DuroVacTM!

We take our name seriously. So the PowerLift® works with the lowest possible maintenance costs.

To do that the system needs to work perfectly. Our reps are the best of the best, and they'll help you select the most reliable system possible.

The people at DuroVac have over 160 years combined experience. Our mission is to design the world's most robust and reliable vacuums. Then we back up everything we sell with the world's best warranty — who else guarantees filter life?

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The versatile PowerLift industrial vacuum makes quick work of huge cleaning problems.
The versatile PowerLift industrial vacuum makes quick work of huge cleaning problems.
A level switch is included as standard equipment.
A level switch is included as standard equipment.

Vacuum directly into a skip hopper.

The PowerLift® vacuum is designed to collect material directly into a sealed roll forward hopper or skip. Wet material or dry, abrasive or ultra-fine, the PL can be configured to work reliably for almost any problem material you have.

The system is designed as a completely pre-assembled system, run tested in shop, and ready to work.

The system is configurable in any world voltage. Propane and diesel engines are available with optional air compressors.

Extreme Duty Ready

  • The PowerLift® inlet deflector will never abrade out!
  • The ultra-heavy duty hopper is designed to work for years without flex and damage. Reliably tip out 30 times per day.
  • Gardner Denver SUTORBILT® Legend Series blowers are nearly indestructible. Absolutely minimal care required.

Compact & Versatile:

  • The PowerLift® has an astonishingly small footprint, so you can set up almost anywhere.
  • Need a “ready to go” central vac? You’ll save thousands in installation costs because everything is pre-wired, factory tested, and ready to work.
  • In most cases connection to compressed air for filter cleaning is not required to operate properly.
  • Available with electric motor or diesel engine.

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73 Hp 55 kW diesel PowerLift easily moves sand at 8 TPH
73 Hp 55 kW diesel PowerLift easily moves sand at 8 TPH
Trailer mounted with HEPA filter
Trailer mounted with HEPA filter

Filters That Actually Work!

  • Collect ultra-fine powders with the most trouble-free filters in the industry. Some of our customers have had their machines TEN YEARS and not yet replaced filters!
  • Collect abrasives, chips, or coolant.
    You just can't kill our filters.
  • Configure with pulse cleaning and overbags for reliable fibrous material handling.
  • We are so sure of our filtration systems that we actually guarantee our filters for up to three years.

It's Fully Configurable

  • Select with an available full vacuum pump for very long piping and very dense material.
  • Add an inline or HEPA filter.
  • A sound enclosure is available to reduce noice levels to less than 80dBa at 1m (3ft).

It's A Positive Displacement Vacuum

  • A positive displacement pump pulls harder and delivers higher vacuum as the hose fills.
  • Achieve vacuum up to 700 mbar (24" Hg.)
  • Constant velocity means you'll move huge tonnage and easily support very long hoses.
  • A P.D. vacuum pump means you'll have a more reliable, "clog free" central vac

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Propane powered with 1 cubic meter hopper (1.33 cubic yard).
Propane powered with 1 cubic meter hopper (1.33 cubic yard).

Capabilities & Specifications

PL20 PL25 PL30 PL40 PL50 PL75
Hose Size, Density < 75 lb / ft3, Longest Hose 300 ft 1 1 x 3.0 1 x 3.5 1 x 4.0 1 x 5.0 1 x 6.0 1 x 6.0
Hose Size, Density < 150 lb / ft3, Longest Hose 200 ft 1 1 x 2.5 1 x 3.0 1 x 3.5 1 x 4.0 1 x 5.0 1 x 6.0
Performance (TPH) 2. 3.5 4 4.5 6 8 12
Horsepower (Hp) 20 25 30 40 50 75
Optional Diesel (Hp) 35 74/100 3. 100/140 3.
Airflow (icfm) 400 525 650 850 1050 1550
Vacuum (“Hg.) 16 16 16 16 16 16
Standard Filters (Ft2) 85.5 85.5 85.5 121 121 198
Pulse Filters (Ft2) 120 120 120 210 210 270
HEPA Filter Option Option Option Option Option Option
Hopper Size (Yrd3) 1.33 1.33 1.33 2.0 2.0 2.5
Noise Level (dBa) 82 85 87 85 87 90
Empty Weight (Lbs) 3350 3450 3500 4820 4900 7500

1. Longest hose includes piping, if applicable. DuroVac “performance” is built into these recommendations!
2. TPH is based on dry sand with 50 ft of hose. Decrease (increase) by 1 lb/min/ft for longer (shorter) hose.
3. Lower Hp used with standard filtration system, higher Hp includes on-board compressor for pulse cleaning.

Brochure U.S.

Information Sheet U.S.

Brochure Metric

Information Sheet Metric

Maximum power and guaranteed filters

We are so confident of the quality and the indestructible design that we offer by far the best warranty in the business.
We even guarantee our filters!


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