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Case Studies

Canada Bread

Company: Canada Bread

Vacuum: Central Vacuum System

Dealer/Rep: Durovac® Vacuums

Northwind Air Systems was the successful bidder on two (2) 25 HP, indoor, central vacuum systems for a major bakery in Ontario.

Each system was designed to support up to five (5) simultaneous operators using 1-1/2” hose and tools.

Both systems use regen exhausters in sound enclosures with 32”Ø pulse jet filter separators and include “no operator detect” vacuum switches in the controls.

One system requires an 8” rotary air lock and explosion venting to the outdoors to meet NFPA 68. The second system has no explosive material to handle and utilizes a manual pneumatic gate vale to discharge into bins.

This was a turnkey installation with tube and fittings for a combined total of 51 x 1-1/2” inlet locations

Carbon Fibre Dust

Company: Qatar Airways

Vacuum: POWERLIFT® Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Rep/Dealer: WESS FZE

Qatar Airways has their own maintenance hangar for their own aircraft. All rudders and other components are made of carbon fibre which requires sanding and the area needs to be dust free.

WESS FZE was invited to quote a central vacuum system with 4 drops to suck carbon fibre dust in various places throughout the workshop. The unit was placed outside and as the area was not very large a Portable Industrial Vacuum Loader (DVP) unit was used as a central vacuum system. Fixed pipes were installed and a unit was up and running in no time. During the summer temperatures reach 50 degrees in the shade and a small enclosure was built around the unit for shade. The system has been vacuuming carbon fibre dust since 2011 without any issue and is used on a daily basis.

Vacuum Potash

Application: Potash Miner

Vacuum: Central Vacuum System

Rep/Dealer: Cypress Sales

This potash miner in Saskatchewan makes various grades of potash fertilizer and supplies it worldwide.

Their product galleries were historically maintained by vacuum truck contractors. The goal was to reduce this budget impact by installing a permanent vacuum solution.

Cleaning of the galleries is a EH&S, maintenance and production concern for all mining companies.Cypress Sales Partnership worked with this Company on the design parameters to supply a very powerful central vacuum system that would do the job. Durovac responded with a central vacuum system that met all performance requirements, including the implementation of their in-house innovated “XFS Upgrade” for corrosion-resistance.

The Durovac® Central Vacuum System has been in constant operation since being installed in the Summer of 2009 without issue

Vacuum Fertilizer

Application: Fertilizer Mixing

Vacuum: POWERLIFT® Portable Vacuum Loader


This fertilizer mixing plant in Michigan makes combinations of NPK with micro-nutrients supplied to the local farming industry. The goal for a vacuum system was to maintain their production area. Cleaning of production equipment is a EH&S, maintenance and production concern for all fertilizer mixing plants. Sometimes these can be bogged down with piles of materials. Durovac worked with this Company on the design parameters to supply a powerful vacuum system that would be semi-portable and connected to a piping network. We responded with a Powerlift® system that met all performance requirements for up to 2 simultaneous operators. We included the implementation of our in-house innovated “XFS Upgrade” for corrosion-resistance. The DuroVac® POWERLIFT® Portable Vacuum Loader has been in constant operation since being installed in the Summer of 2009 without issue.

Vacuum Sugar

Application: Candy Manufacturer

Vacuum: Central Vacuum System

Dealer/Rep:  Airsystem Sales

The candy maker in Tennessee manufactures various sugar candies.  This facility recently had a large plant expansion project.  The goal was to create a completely dust free facility.

Airsystem Sales Inc was invited to quote a central vacuum system with 42 drops that would be used to vacuum sugar dust.  The candy maker wanted the ability to operate the system at any point in time with up to 10 users.  Their corporate and local EH&S staff required the vacuum receiver to be mounted outside, because of sugar’s ability to cause an explosion.  Durovac responded with a central vacuum system that met all requirements, and in a lower horsepower package than our competition. Features of the Durovac system included: explosion venting to meet the requirements of NFPA 69, pulse jet cleaned PTFE filters, rotary airlock, NEMA 4 controls, inline filter, “no operator” detect, sound enclosure, and ten (10) hose and tool sets.

The Durovac Central Vacuum System has been in constant operation since being installed in the

Summer of 2011 without issue.

Ampacet Colours

Company: Ampacet Colors

Vacuum: Central Vacuum System

Dealer/Rep: Durovac® Vacuums

A leading manufacturer of colour concentrates and additive master-batches for the plastics manufacturing industry located in Ontario, contacted Northwind Air Systems through the DuroVacwebsite.

They needed a 4-operator, multi-inlet, central vacuum system for heavy duty housekeeping of explosive,

dry fines including large clean-out volumes during production change-over of pigments. The solution was a 15 HP regen exhauster with a 26”Ø pulse jet filter separator discharging via a 6” rotary air lock into super sacs.

This was a turnkey installation with tube and fittings for 20 x 1-1/2” vacuum inlets.  The filter separator was fitted with an explosion vent panel to meet NFPA 68 and a Kst value of 148.  The system was installed outdoors on a concrete pad.