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Vacuum system rises to the challenge at Canada Bread

The Problem: Ontario-based bakery required a flexible central vacuum system that handles explosive materials

Our Solution: Two DuroVac 25 horsepower indoor central vacuum systems suck up explosive or non-explosive material

DuroVac central vacuum sucks up explosive and non-explosive material

Each DuroVac central vacuum system supported up to five operators working simultaneously using 1.5 inch hose and tools.

This turnkey installation from DuroVac distributor Northwind Air Systems required a combined total of 51 locations to be fitted with 1.5 inch tube.

Both systems use regenerative exhausters in sound enclosures with 32-inch diameter pulse jet filter separators. Each system includes “no operator detect” vacuum switches in the controls.

One system requires an eight-inch rotary air lock and explosion venting to the outdoors to meet National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) Standard on Explosion Protection by Deflagration Venting (NFPA 68).

The second system was not required to handle explosive material and uses a manual pneumatic gate valve to discharge into bins.