Adapt, survive and thrive together: A note on the COVID-19 situation

Rely on DuroVac as the world changes and use our new industrial vacuum rental program to stay on budget

Anh-Tai Vuong
Written By Anh-Tai Vuong President of DuroVac
Mar 2020

When the world changes, we adapt. Throughout history, manufacturing has been a powerful vehicle of adaptation to changes in anything from social upheaval to war to a global pandemic.

As we closely follow the development of coronavirus or COVID-19 around the world, it’s important to remember that we are people first and manufacturers second. That’s why millions of North Americans practice social distancing: to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our most vulnerable populations. And as the virus runs its course, we see the best in human ingenuity, perseverance and compassion.

Those are values DuroVac holds dear. The world is transforming under COVID-19 as it urges us to reinvent the way we live and do business — but we want our humanity to remain constant.

And that’s why we’re here to help, both as people and as suppliers in the manufacturing sector. We are sensitive to the need for stability and flexibility as the world reshapes itself into something new.

Part of that means a focus on industries like food manufacturing. With the heightened emphasis on food, drink and everyday essentials, manufacturers in those industries are at the forefront of the effort to meet our basic needs.

Housekeeping will always be an issue, but it’s even more so in periods of high demand. Shop vacs aren’t enough to tackle the volume. Vacuum trucks are beginning to look prohibitively expensive. While the industry is hard at work, they shouldn’t have to worry about cleaning budget constraints on top of their workers’ health and safety.

That’s why DuroVac is launching an exclusive rental program for our world-famous PowerLift industrial vacuums. We aim to provide a reliable solution to help customers get from point A to point B without breaking the bank.

That’s just one example of how DuroVac strives to do right by you in the midst of this crisis. We also formally addressed the issue with our team this week. For a glimpse at what we discussed, here are some key takeaways from that message:

We will have more to say in the coming weeks — stories we want to share in this period of reflection and reinvention. We will tell the story of DuroVac’s humble beginnings, of its recent transformation, of our company’s president and his own story of personal growth as a new Canadian from a postwar country. We must honor our roots to move forward.

But for now, we want you to be confident in the fact that DuroVac cares. We are here for our customers, our suppliers, our families and our people, and we will work tirelessly to do right by them as we rise to every challenge this decade brings.

As always, there will be a tomorrow. Let’s work together to make it the best we can.