Plug-and-play plant cleanup with portable industrial vacuums

Why choose a portable vacuum system for your facility? It’s cost-effective, flexible, and easily handles spills on the spot

Anh-Tai Vuong
Written By Anh-Tai Vuong President of DuroVac
Durovac Portable Industrial Vacuum
Nov 2020

Sometimes you just want to clean up a mess and call it a day. We get it. Your manufacturing facility gets pretty dirty from whatever you’re making or moving, so your cleaning equipment should be easy to install, maneuver, use and maintain. Regulatory compliance is a must.

A DVP Series portable industrial vacuum in the field.

A portable industrial vacuum system by DuroVac fits the bill, and it’s cost-effective compared to stationary central vacuums. But is it right for you? Let’s review the main benefits of portable vacuums and why you might choose one for your plant.

Three main things to know: portable vacuums can be moved around (of course), they can be modified to work as central vacuums, and they come in multiple varieties.

Portables: Budget-friendly plug-and-play

Because central industrial vacuums are more integrated into your process, they are fixed in place and take more time to install. That’s one of the advantages of a portable: it’s easy to set up and start using right away. Plus, if you’re not ready to invest in a central vac, a portable is a great introduction to the world of industrial vacuums.

If you already have a central vacuum, a portable vac can complement it well. The central helps you tackle waste at fixed locations in your plant, while portables can be moved around to spot-clean and take care of unexpected spills.

But wait, a portable can be a central!

Some portable vacuum models can be configured to work as a central vac — we just hook up hoses, a hopper and any application-specific configurations you may need. In the right plant environment, it’s an economical alternative to central vacuums that ticks all the same boxes.

Choices, choices

Portable industrial vacuum systems come in all shapes and sizes. Our smallest, most agile model is the Lifetime series, known as an alternative to shop-vacs that suck up lighter materials without breaking or clogging filters. The medium series includes the DVR and DVP vacuums, which reliably handle a wide range of materials.

The Elevator series is what we tend to use for the portable-to-central vacuum hybrids mentioned earlier. It’s compact and still rugged enough to handle larger spills and dense, heavy materials.

And then there’s the PowerLift series. With a built-in hopper and plenty of configurations, it’s powerful and fully portable by forklift. It also comes in a silica-specific model.

Configs for compliance

Concerned about safety protocols in your plant? The broom-and-shovel method or compressed air often makes things worse, but a portable vacuum can really shine in the same situation. DuroVac experts can configure industrial vacuums to handle combustible dust, silica or both, and we’re well-versed in any NFPA or OSHA regulations you may need to satisfy.

Start scoping out your portable vac

One of the biggest benefits of portable industrial vacuums is that they help you save money through labor reduction and fewer vac-truck calls. If it’s a DuroVac, you’ll find plant workers prefer working with it and only need to change the filters on rare occasions.

Ready to start the process? Contact one of our reps to find the right vacuum configuration for your application and get a lightning-fast quote.