Core™ Central Series

Industrial Central Vacuums for Conveying or Piping Networks

The Core Central series is composed of 3 specific sub-series: Multi-operator, Material Loading, & Small-Stationary systems.

These central vacuum systems do not plug and custom applications are available.

Experienced system designers make the difference - contact DuroVac!

Multi-Operator Central Vacuums

Continuous Suction Throughout Your Plant

Multi-operator vacuums provide consistent performance even as the number of operators increase.

Protects your plant’s production process by providing continuous suction through a configured piping network - where & when you need it.

Each filtration system is engineered & designed to never clog with material. This provides a practical cleaning solution throughout your plant, eliminating the need of multiple, portable vacuums.

  • Intended to have many operators working at once
  • Modular components ensure design flexibility which helps reduce installation costs.
  • Normally, the size of hose used is less than 2.5” ID and less than 50 feet long.

DuroVac’s in-house experts can provide piping or conveying configurations.

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Material Loading Central Vacuums

Powerful Suction for Easy Material Disposal

Material-loading central vacuums provide a method for conveying material away, with easy disposal.

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by eliminating vacuum truck rentals as these vacuums move high tonnage of material. No more “all-day shoveling” for your workers.

These central vacuums offer heavy-duty, continuous suction through positive displacement vacuum pumps which pull harder as the job gets tougher. - 15 hp to 500 hp!

  • Intended for single operator use.
  • Can combine with new or existing pneumatic conveying networks.
  • Normally, these systems support tools greater than 2.5” to handle larger clean-ups.

DuroVac’s System Design Team will help select the correct central vacuum for your application.

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Small Stationary Central Vacuums

High Flow, High Vacuum, Low Cost

Small stationary central vacuums provide a budget-sensitive alternative for your plant without sacrificing performance.

Replaces portable shopvacs by providing excellent filtration with high flow & high vacuum through a configured piping network. - Handles material density similar to the PL & EL vacuum systems.

“All-in-one” designs offer fast installation at minimal cost. These systems come standard with a 20 U.S gallon canister, although option cyclones or hoppers are also available for greater storage.

  • Intended for multi-operator use.
  • Pre-built packages reduce overall engineering cost drastically.
  • Vac producer dependant, tools range up to 2.0” ID to handle moderate / heavy clean-ups.

DuroVac will walk you through your selection between centrifugal, regenerative, or positive displacement type vacuum producers to get the job done correctly.

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Special Application Central Vacuums

Custom Vacuums for Unique Applications

With combined design experience of over 160 years, the DuroVac team will create a central vacuum to move “tough-to-handle” material. Have a unique application? Not all central vacuums are created equal.

Vacuum producers and tank sets can be adapted for:

  • Liquid pick-up
  • Hot material conveying
  • Fibre and fluff compacting
  • Explosive material handling
  • Anti-abrasion components

Need to know if something will move by vacuum? Contact a DuroVac rep for more information!

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