Lifetime Lt 110 Industrial Vacuum system with incredible filtration by DuroVac
Lifetime™ Series

Lifetime™ LT 110

The LT 110 industrial vacuum disposes ultra-fine powders like concrete & compounding dust directly into a 20 U.S gallon canister.

A 4000 hour, brushless, “reluctance” type vacuum producer offers smooth, continuous power for the end user.

OSHA compliant.

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  • High cfm. Perfect for concrete grinding, wood floor sanding & drywall dust.
  • Supreme filtration ensures no dust escapes into the atmosphere or damages the motor.
  • Rugged 120V & 220V motors available. There is NO drop in air flow as the canister fills.

The one we bought in 2007 is still working great. They don’t quit and we use them every day. Now we own six.

Ken Stanley, Toronto, ON


  • 4,000 hour rated single phase 50/60 Hz motor. Regular vacuums last just 800 hours and less.
  • 8-inch bearing wheels & heavy duty 5-inch rear casters for industrial environments.
  • Triple filtration assures trouble-free operation with fine powders.
  • External filter shaker reduces silica exposure for OSHA compliance.
  • UL / CSA / CE certified.