DVP Portable Industrial Vacuum with positive displacement vacuum pump.
Lightning Series

DVP Portable

The DVP Portable industrial vacuum offers tremendous performance
when handling ultra-fines & heavy powders.

Combines a 15 - 30hp electric TEFC motor with a SUTORBILT
positive displacement vacuum pump that pulls harder
as the job gets tougher.

This model offers more power than the DVR Portable.

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  • Moves material 3x faster than other vacuums using centrifugal vac pumps
  • Triple filtration system means even ultra-fines like iron oxide & fly ash are never a problem
  • Premium-efficiency TEFC motor, available in all-word voltages.

“This thing is a beast. It picks up everything!”

Taylor Shaw, Scranton, PA


  • SUTORBILT “Legend” positive displacement vacuum pump pulls harder.
  • Premium-efficiency TEFC motor selected for its dependability. Available in 15 - 30 hp.
  • Incredible power on an “easy-to-move” portable frame, designed to handle long hoses.
  • Inline filter for operator protection, easily upgrades to HEPA.
  • Available with portable OR fixed central vacuum frames.
  • UL, CSA, and CE compliant.