DVR Portable Industrial Vacuum for moderately dense material
Lightning Series

DVR Portable

The DVR Portable industrial vacuum allows companies to take control of moderately dense material like plastics & composites or light minerals.

Featuring a 8.5 - 30hp regenerative vacuum producer, the DVR Portable offers incredible filtration for industrial housekeeping.

Material is collected into a 20 U.S gallon canister for easy


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  • Efficient TEFC electric motor delivers dependable power with smooth operation
  • Filter efficiency of 99.9% @ 0.5 microns - standard. HEPA upgrade available. Won't easily blind
  • Will support a fixed piping network to be used as a compact, quiet central vacuum.

“It’s the only vacuum that ever worked for us. The filters never plug.”

Doug Blaine, Erie, PA


  • Regenerative vacuum producer for handling fine material, continuously.
  • 8-inch bearing wheels & heavy duty 5-inch rear casters for industrial environments.
  • Triple filtration assures trouble-free operation with fine powders.
  • Built-in silencer for smooth, quiet operation.
  • Available with portable OR fixed central vacuum frames.