Powerlift™ Series

Industrial Vacuums with Massive Suction

The PowerLift® line of industrial vacuums is composed of two main sub-series: the PL series and the EL series. The PL also has a silica variation for full OSHA compliance.

Both series offer huge suction with astonishingly small footprints and are designed for easy material disposal or reclamation.

PowerLift® Series

Max Suction / Material Disposal

Designed to collect material directly into a sealed roll-forward hopper for easy material dispoal

  • For extreme-duty cleanups
  • Up to 2.5 cubic yard storage
  • Moves up to 12 tons per hour

PowerLift Electric Industrial Vacuum by DuroVac

Elevator® Series

Powerful Suction / Material Collection

Designed to fill supersacs, gaylord bins, and hoppers for easy material collection.

  • Reclaim valuable material
  • Dispose hazardous material
  • Moves up to 5.5 tons per hour

DuroVac Elevator Series industrial vacuum system for filling drums, boxes, or supersacks

PowerLift® Silica Series

OSHA Compliance / Powerful Suction

Streamlined to comply with OSHA silica regulations and easily collect material into a built-in dump hopper.

  • 99.9% HEPA filter efficiency
  • Eliminate hazardous silica
  • Up to 1.5 cubic yard storage