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DuroVac Elevator Series industrial vacuum system for filling drums, boxes, or supersacks
Forklift Series

Elevator™ EL Portable Vacuum Loader

An evolution of the popular PowerLift® series, the Elevator™ model is a portable vacuum loader designed to quickly fill Super Sacks, drums or hoppers and make material reclamation easier.

Available from 20 hp to 40 hp, the EL combines forklift portability with incredible filtration. This allows your company to collect almost any dry powder, pellet or granule.

  • Pre-wired and factory tested to save you thousands in installation costs.
  • Three-stage filtration that handles carbon black, super-fines, wood fibers or pellets.
  • Configurable as a permanent central vac with optional bolt-down pads for piping networks.

The system performed without any drama. All was just as intended, which is a great relief to me.

C. McCaig, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, UK

Why buy the Elevator™?

The Elevator™ model offers the same great benefits of a PowerLift® with the additional functionality of filling drums or Super Sacks quickly.

Here are the top reasons companies purchase the EL over the PL.

  • Reclaiming valuable material from potential waste
  • Disposing of hazardous material into a bagging system
  • Handling airborne dust with an engineering-controlled system
  • Increasing worker efficiency with a portable vacuum loader

Could your company use a boost in efficiency?

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Functional by design

DuroVac's Elevator™ model boasts supreme functionality for ease of use. The all-in-one package delivers quick setup and offers portability by forklift.

  • Transport the vacuum to any jobsite’s mess.
  • Elevate the filter housing and set the snap-lock pins.
  • Operates at maximum efficiency within minutes.

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Limitless configurations

The Elevator™ industrial vacuum offers a wide number of design configurations to meet almost any application requirement.

  • Explosion vents and flame suppression for combustible dust: compliant with NFPA 68 and 654.
  • Discharge valve for continuous or batch material disposal.
  • NEMA 4x / IPA56 panels for weather / dust protection.
  • Hwy and in-plant trailers, anti-corrosion packages and radio frequency control.

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