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PowerLift® Series

PowerLift® - PL Electric

The PowerLift® PL is the electric version in the PowerLift® Series. It provides the high-vacuum you need to move heavy material fast. Moves sand at 450 lbs per minute!

Available from 25 hp to 75 hp, the PowerLift® series pulls harder as the hose fills, giving the high-performance cleaning solution you demand.

Let DuroVac configure the right PL for you.

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PowerLift® Series

PowerLift® - PL-D Diesel

The PowerLift® PL-D is the diesel version in the PowerLift® series. It provides an alternative for when electricity is not available on a jobsite, without sacrificing suction.

Available from 25 hp to 75 hp, the PL-D combines the reliability of a Deutz diesel engine with the extreme vacuum of a Gardner Denver positive displacement vacuum pump.

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PowerLift® Series

PowerLift® - PL-P Propane

The PowerLift® PL-P is the propane version in the PowerLift® series. This vacuum is suitable for indoor use on industrial job sites & offers a similar operating cost to the PL-D.

Available as a 25 hp or 40 hp industrial vacuum, the PL-P combines an LPG Kobuta engine with a powerful Gardner Denver vacuum pump to move up to 6 tph.

DuroVac’s Design Specialists will help configure the right PL-P for you.

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PowerLift® Series

PowerLift® - PL-S Electric

The PL-S an electric model in the PowerLift® series created for budget sensitive applications. This vacuum removes configurability to keep cost low - without a lapse in performance.

Comes standard as 30 hp or 40 hp & combines a “Premium-efficiency” Leeson motor with a tri-lobe vacuum pump to create a quiet, powerful industrial vacuum.

A perfect option for international shipping.

  • Save thousands in installation costs: everything is pre-wired, factory tested & ready to work.
  • The ultra-heavy-duty hopper can store up to 2.3 cubic yards & will reliably tip out 30+ times per day
  • Gardner Denver SUTORBILT® Legend Series blowers are nearly indestructible. Minimal care required.

Four years old and the machines still works great. We use it every day.

Rob Bentley, Sayre, PA

Why Buy a PowerLift?

Industrial companies like you have made the PowerLift® line of industrial vacuums our most popular series - with hundreds of machines sold worldwide.

Here are the most important benefits of owning a PowerLift® vacuum.

  • 100% Abrasion-proof design.
  • Fully-configurable for any application.
  • The industry’s highest performing filtration.
  • All-in-one, pre-wired package offers plug & play functionality.
  • Portable by forklift with massive material storage.

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Bulletproof by Design

Durovac is the only manufacturer to sell a truly abrasion-proof vacuum - by design.

A brilliant “silo-type” inlet deflector* keeps the material in the hopper, not on your filters.

  • Causes material to wear upon itself. Not the machine. *
  • Material slows down by changing direction 3 - 4 times before reaching the primary filters. *

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Limitless Configurations

The PowerLift® industrial vacuum offers a wide number of design configurations to meet almost any application requirement.

  • Explosion vents & flame suppression for combustible dust.
  • NEMA 4x / IPA56 panels for weather / dust protection.
  • Sound enclosures to reduce noise below 80 dBA at 1m.
  • Hwy & in-plant trailers, anti-corrosion packages, radio frequency control.. and so much more.

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