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Industrial vacuums including super duty portable
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 ! NEW Jun 2008 !
PowerLIFT industrial vacuum by DuroVac
LOWER PRICES on 50 & 75 Hp PowerLIFTTM

! NEW  Mar 2007 !

Contractor Vac
for concrete grinders,
wood floor
sanders & MORE

! NEW  Jun 2006 !

15, 20 & 25 Hp
 with NEW
1 cu yd hopper

Call today
for expert help with your application


DuroVac Industrial Vacuums offers a complete line of equipment 3Hp to 300 Hp.

50 Hp vacuum moves 300 lb/min
easily and dust free

DuroVac builds a complete line of industrial vacuums including:

portable industrial vacuums
central vacuum systems
hose and tools and attachments
pipe, tube, and fittings

We design, fabricate, and install heavy duty central vacuum cleaning systems for industrial customers throughout the USA and Canada.

We offer a line of tough, continuous duty portable vacuum systems along with hose and tools for all industrial vacuum cleaners.

The new PowerLIFT CV line is also available in a 25 Hp model.  Perfect for a 3" hose.


25 & 40 Hp
Vacuum Systems

Includes starter panel,
level switch, and
1.33 cubic yard hopper.

Filters so good, we
guarantee them for 3 years

New! -
Watch it vacuum sand, cement, and any fine powder at 250 lbs/min.


Picture Gallery

The 75 and 50 Hp PowerLiftTM  Industrial Vacuums are now available for shipping in just 2 weeks.

160 Hp central vacuum supports fifty simultaneous operators yet idles at just 13 amps. 


An 83 Hp John Deere engine powers this PowerLiftTM vacuum featuring a 2.5 cubic yard hopper and trailer.  


A 100 Hp industrial vacuum system for
 twenty five operators.


The 97 Hp diesel driven PowerLiftTM  is a large, powerful industrial vacuum cleaning system

Fast efficient cleaning with a central vacuum using fully grounded hose and cleaning tools

Our 75 Hp PowerLiftTM industrial vacuum with 2.5 cubic yard hopper and pulse cleaned filters.

150 Hp industrial vacuum achieves 8 TPH when vacuuming 1,000 feet away from the filter receiver.

Got a big cleanup job?  Call us at 888-330-3365
New - Watch this industrial central vacuum in action.


75 Hp central vacuum system supports seven (7)
operators each with a 2.0" ID hose.
Fully NFPA.68 and .69 - 2007 compliant.


40 Hp PowerLiftTM shown with optional
over-the-road trailer and HEPA filter.
Quick lock clamps allow easy removal &
mounting onto the trailer bed.


300 Hp industrial central vacuum system runs at just 70A in light use, but ensures product conveys to the separators.

PowerLift easily moves heavy granular material without damage from abrasion.


304SS installation fully compliant with latest
NFPA69 - 2007 explosion regulations.

40 Hp central vacuum system with HEPA filter.

60 Hp industrial central vacuum with sound enclosure and top-load pulse jet filter separator.

We offer smaller systems AT GREAT PRICES as well.

See the complete gallery of pictures here.

NEW - See our videos here

NEW - See the PowerLift Industrial Vacuum on YouTube

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