Industrial Vacuum Systems

Every DuroVac industrial-strength vacuum cleaner comes with a promise of old-fashioned reliability. Our famously tough, heavy-duty vacuum systems are some of the most dependable in the business. Their immense power and durability provide year after year of intense dirt, dust and debris cleaning.

That's because we design, fabricate and install central and portable vacuum industrial cleaner systems to make people happy, from operators who work hands-on with the vacs to plant managers looking to boost productivity and long-term cost savings.

DuroVac industrial vacuum systems clean large areas deeper and faster, making your business a safer place for employees and clients. The quicker you can clean your workspace, the more productive and profitable your business can be.

DuroVac industrial vacuum systems are ideal for a wide range of commercial settings, from construction sites to underground coal mining operations. We provide the tools necessary for you to clean an immense amount of dust and debris quicker than ever. The capabilities of your DuroVac industrial-strength vacuum cleaner are limitless.

The following are a few of the many possible use cases:  

  • Construction sites: A clean construction site is safer and more professional. A DuroVac industrial vacuum cleaner is long-lasting and reliable. It clears construction dust and debris easily and efficiently for maximum productivity and safety.
  • Metal dust: The iron, steel and aluminum industries create immense amounts of dust and debris. Sometimes, the piles of dust are as large as your living room. Our user-friendly industrial dust collection system makes cleaning these massive amounts of dust easier than ever.
  • Agriculture vacuum: Cleanup is a part of every food manufacturing plant and feed mill’s routine. Our agriculture vacuum systems help you maintain NFPA compliance, high-quality food production and optimal cleanliness. Quicker cleaning means more time for production.
  • Chemical plants: Plastics manufacturers and EPCM companies create a lot of dust, dirt and debris that needs to be cleared away efficiently. A DuroVac industrial vacuum is durable and extra-strong to clean all the debris associated with plastic production. Our vacuum is guaranteed to get the job done right the first time.
  • Coal dust vacuums: Mining operations are known to create immense amounts of dust. The volume of debris at mills and refineries may be overwhelming without the most dependable vacuum in the industry. The DuroVac heavy-duty industrial vacuum system is the only tool tough enough for the job.  

Let our expert team configure the perfect vacuum system for your material, application and facility.

Industrial Vacuums by System

We believe there is a DuroVac vacuum for every industrial facility — even if we have to build it from scratch. Read more about the types of systems we build as a heavy duty vacuum cleaner manufacturer for industrial applications.

Modern industrial settings are exposed to dangerous dust particles and hazardous messes. As the leading industrial vacuum supplier, we know your vacuum systems play an essential role in your business’s cleanliness and regulatory compliance. DuroVac also offers industrial vacuum rentals for your temporary projects. We’re an industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturer that prides itself on creating the right solutions to meet your business’s needs. We look forward to putting our products to work for you!

Industrial Vacuums by Series

DuroVac industrial vacuums come in many shapes and sizes, but each one is designed for toughness, ease of use, unmatched filtration, efficiency and the lowest maintenance on the market.

Client Testimonials

“Previously, it would take too much time for operators to clean each level of the plant. Operators are happy to finally focus on production instead of cleaning … [DuroVac] made it easy to get the vacuum set up, and [they were] fast and responsive. The prices were also fair and competitive”

— Nicolas Gratien, Project Manager at
Trouw Nutrition Canada
“Projects began with enormous support [from DuroVac] … Our contact never gave up on supporting us, even after we asked for numerous changes and reviews … DuroVac showed they can get into the finer details.”

— Andreas Mihm, Lead Engineer at Linde GmbH
"[DuroVac’s PowerLift vacuum] is a great tool for keeping our site clean, not to mention keeping our operation going. We’re saving a huge amount of money … It was very laborious to try and do this without a vacuum."

— Adrian Meers, Engineering Technologist at IKO Industries