Design-Built Vacuum Systems

Custom-Built Vacuum Systems

The mad scientists of industrial vacuums

Need an outside-the-box solution for your ultra-specific application? It might be a job for DuroVac’s secret vacuum lab. With help from our custom vacuum experts, no job is too big, too wild, or too complex. We are the mad scientists of industrial vacuum system design.

Design-building vacuums:
Our process

DuroVac’s core lineup of systems is engineered to address the vast majority of our customers’ applications, but some situations call for a custom vacuum solution. We provide a free initial consultation to see if it’s feasible for your application.

If our expertise matches up with your needs, we typically break the custom-designed project into three phases.

1) Evaluate Feasibility

When the time comes to issue a purchase order (PO), we identify key operating parameters, system calculations and selections. We support the PO with a General Arrangement drawing for approval.

2) Collaboration

Your team collaborates with a dedicated project manager, which allows us to align our deliverables with your specifications. Due to budget or time constraints, some companies opt to skip this step and move straight to Detailed Engineering.

3) Detailed Engineering

This is where our engineers get started on your custom vacuum systems in earnest. It’s a complete design-build phase that includes a detailed engineering step.

Why would you need a custom-built vacuum?


Is your material highly combustible, carcinogenic or otherwise hazardous? We can look at custom filtration systems and extra safety features for you.


Do you work in a high heat plant environment or one with strong magnetic fields? We can put together an extra tough vac to work with you in the trenches.


Do you use a unique system of conveyance or processing equipment that won’t play nicely with regular solutions? We can build a vac that fits your process to a T.

Industrial central vacuum design considerations

Getting the highest value from a central industrial vacuum system means paying close attention to its design during the planning and installation phases. One of the most important considerations is how many users you expect to be using it at one time if it will be used only for cleaning. This will determine how many power units will be required, which has a significant impact on the initial cost of your system.

Another critical factor is where the inlets should be placed around your facility. In general, these should be placed in areas where they will be easily accessible for workers and allow for a slight overlap in the areas covered by the length of the hoses. The shorter hose you require, the easier it will be to use and store them. This means you should avoid having the inlets spaced too far apart. No matter what your facility’s needs may be, the experts at DuroVac can help you understand all the elements that go into your industrial central vacuum system design and suggest the optimal solutions for meeting them.

Start Customizing

Sound like your facility? Let's get to work on the right solution.

Step into our industrial vacuum laboratory! Get in touch with a DuroVac rep to start design-building custom vacuum systems that fit your process like a glove.

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Start Customizing

Sound like your facility? Let's get to work on the right solution.

Step into our industrial vacuum laboratory! Get in touch with a DuroVac rep to start design-building custom vacuum systems that fit your process like a glove.

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Portable Industrial Vacuums

PowerLift Series


The king of portable vacs

With a built-in hopper, top-of-the-line filtration and powerful suction, the PowerLift has everything you need in a forklift-portable industrial vacuum. It’s also highly configurable.

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DuroVac Series

DV Series: 

Ultra-reliable and straightforward

Whether you need to move lighter materials or dense, heavy messes, the DV Series delivers excellent value in a medium industrial-grade vacuum. Both run quietly and are easy to use.

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Elevator Series - Industrial Vacuum

DV Series: 

A bigger, tougher hybrid option

If you’re considering a portable-to-central hybrid vacuum, you can’t go wrong with the Elevator Series. It’s tough enough to handle larger spills and dense, heavy materials with a more compact configuration.

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Lifetime Series

DV Series: 

“The indestructible shop-vac”

Our most agile portable vacuum, the Lifetime Series is a big step up from your average shop-vac. It delivers nimble operation with the unyielding durability of a DuroVac build.

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Browse different types of PowerLift Series vacuums


Central industrial vacuums: A fixture of efficient, compliant facilities

Fixed central vacs boost efficiency and safety in your plant with integrated, high-performance designs.

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Economic hardship and COVID-19 took their toll on manufacturers this year, but DuroVac (and many companies like us) made it through with these core values.

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Plug-and-play plant cleanup with portable industrial vacuums

Why choose a portable vacuum system for your facility? It’s cost-effective, flexible, and easily handles spills on the spot.

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What are the different vacuum attachments for?

DuroVac offers both standard and custom attachments, depending on the purpose and environment you are cleaning. Use them to do more work for you with less elbow grease and effort on your part, improving efficiency and productivity. The vacuum attachments replace tasks that are typically manual (i.e. shovel and broom).

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How much does a central vacuum system cost?

Our modular systems are fully customizable, which allows us to create the exact vacuum system for the job at hand without forcing you to pay for features you don’t need or won’t use. Our industrial central vacuum systems start at about $15,000 USD.

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What is a centralized vacuum system?

When it comes to moving materials through a fixed network, central vacuum systems are at the top of their class. Central vacs cover long stretches of your facility, supporting multiple operators while maintaining strong performance. They’re also highly configurable, so you always get the solution you need.

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