Future-proofing tips for the industrial and engineering sectors

December 9, 2019
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Anh-Tai Vuong
President of DuroVac
Learn how to prepare your business for the advent of AI, automation and other tech disruptions
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The rise of technological advancements paints an uncertain future for the industrial and engineering sector. Artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to increase economic growth, but not before disrupting several industries by reshaping the way they handle certain tasks. Automation puts employers in an awkward position as skilled workers retire in greater numbers and new hires, lacking the experience to take over those roles, lose lower-skill jobs to robots and automated processes.

25 percent of American jobs are at a high risk or under threat from the automation of technology. That’s 37,857,750 jobs.
Learn more in the interactive.

According to research-based projections, this is only going to get worse in coming years, even as the industrial sector works continuously to catch up with fast-paced tech innovation. Forward-thinking companies will take steps to insulate themselves against these changes — and evolve in tandem.

It’s called future-proofing: the process of anticipating future changes and minimizing their impact on a business.

To that end, DuroVac created an interactive that outlines the importance of future-proofing your business and offers practical tips on how to do it. With that goal in mind, you’ll ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does your business model reflect the current technological landscape and needs of your customers?
  2. Is your company secure and protected against cyber threats?
  3. Are you keeping up with trends in higher education to find the best new hires?
  4. Does your business invest in employee training to combat the skills gap?
  5. Do you monitor your customers’ online behaviors and consider their feedback?
  6. Are you researching the latest trends in your industry?
  7. Are you networking and building beneficial relationships?
  8. Have you accepted the need to embrace change rather than fight it?

We take a deeper dive into each of these in the interactive, plus give a little more context on the future changes you can expect to see in the industrial sector. We also highlight several key threats businesses have experienced over the years.

Ready to get started? Read on to future-proof your business.

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