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Find an industrial vacuum to stay clean and compliant

Food is and always will be a thriving industry. It takes hard work to feed people, pets and livestock — the kind of work that makes for a very dusty facility. Whether your main concern is NFPA compliance, quality control or just clearing a path to your equipment, a DuroVac agriculture vacuum system makes cleanup an easy part of your routine.

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PowerLift Series

The king of portable vacs

With a built-in hopper, top-of-the-line filtration and powerful suction, the PowerLift has everything you need in a forklift-portable industrial vacuum. It’s also highly configurable.

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Elevator Series - Industrial Vacuum

A bigger, tougher hybrid option

If you’re considering a portable-to-central hybrid vacuum, you can’t go wrong with the Elevator Series. It’s tough enough to handle larger spills and dense, heavy materials with a more compact configuration.

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When NFPA safety is at stake, you need a reliable ag vacuum system

One of the most common compliments we get at DuroVac is that our filters last months, sometimes years longer than the competition. Here are some food manufacturers who benefited.

Two central vacuums rise to the challenge at Bimbo Canada

A major producer of bread and bakery items gets a turnkey installation for new industrial central vacuum systems.

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Canola Plant Gets Railcar Cleaning Back on Track

Cargill Canada needed a faster cleaning system to keep up with its rapid pace of production.

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Animal feed manufacturer gets an NFPA compliance boost

Trouw Nutrition Canada installs a series of central vacuums to boost productivity and mitigate dust explosion risk.

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Food Industry Insights

Equip your plant for the spike in pet food manufacturing

As pet food manufacturers increase production in response to rising pet adoption rates, safety is a top concern.

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Dust hazard analysis guide for NFPA 652 Compliance

It’s past time for your operations to be within NFPA 652 compliance; DuroVac explains your responsibilities for dust hazard analysis. Click here for info.

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