Our vacuums make hardworking industries happy

You know what they say about breaking an egg to make an omelet. Your industries make the materials, food and buildings our society needs to function, which often translates to a heavy-duty mess. Nothing we can’t handle. Here’s how DuroVac industrial vacuums help your industry run smoothly.

Bricks with Foundation on Job Site

Industrial Construction Vacuums

From the foundation to the roof and everything in between, construction is a messy business. Bring our user-friendly vacuum systems to any step of the process, keeping silica, combustible dust and other hazards in check so you can focus on getting the job done.

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Factory with Smelter

Metal Dust Vacuum

There’s something elegant about taking raw ore and smelting it into materials other industries will use to build wonderful things. The resulting dirt and debris are not so elegant. With tough filters and strong suction, our industrial vacuums keep you focused on the job at hand.

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Wheat Field with Silos

Agriculture Vacuum

When you handle lighter organic materials, you deal with a whole different set of hazards. DuroVac is happy to serve an industry that puts food in our bellies, so we’ll set you up to minimize combustible dust and keep your plant safe.

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Modern Assembly Line

Vacuum System In Chemical Plant

Plastics and chemicals take a bit more finesse to produce, and the resulting dust is often toxic or combustible. DuroVac has the right filters and accessories to help reduce emissions, prevent fires and comply with all the strict regulations your industry contends with on a daily basis.

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Mining image

Underground Mining Vacuum Systems

You have the all-important job of extracting raw materials from the earth and processing them for other industries to use. That’s no small task, and it’s no small mess. DuroVac vacuum systems are built to tackle it all, saving you thousands per year on outsourced vacuum trucks.

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