Industrial Construction Vacuums

High-vacuum support for a hardworking industry

Construction is a notoriously messy business, and for good reason. It’s hard work to create materials that are durable and flexible enough to build roads, bridges, homes and skyscrapers, just to name a few.

A huge amount of effort goes into making sure those materials come together in a reliable, long-lasting end product. At DuroVac, we also work hard to ensure our industrial construction vacuums are strong, versatile and user-friendly enough to support you in your manufacturing efforts. Using our vacuums for construction dust helps keep jobsites cleaner and safer.

Bricks with Foundation on Job Site

Spanning the Construction Industry

From the foundation to the roof, every piece is important

DuroVac supports all types of construction materials manufacturers, helping project timelines and budgets stay on target with reliable construction HEPA vacuums. Here are some examples.

Ceiling Tiles and Lights

A ceiling manufacturer gets a custom-designed vacuum solution

DuroVac creates a custom filter solution for a performance ceiling tile manufacturer

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Industrial Central Vacuum

Central vacs tackle gypsum dust in modular homes plants

A modular home builder reports success in cleaning gypsum dust from its plants with a low-maintenance Core™ central vacuum

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DuroVac LT110 Portable Industrial Vacuum

IG Machines & Fiber sees 90% drop in labor with industrial vacuum

IKO speeds clean-up and saves workers’ backs with the portable PowerLift 25

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