Underground Mining Vacuum Systems

Big drills, big spills, big money. Our industrial vacuums help you save more

Like a sleeping dragon, the mining industry awakens in cycles to heightened demand and production, but it remains a powerful force even in its slumber. Every day we drill deep into the earth to access billions of tons of the all-important metals and minerals our society depends on.

In this industry, you go big or go home. DuroVac makes industrial underground mining vacuum systems tough enough to handle the volume generated by mills and refineries — and help you save on vac trucks.

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Serving Mining Operations in All Industries

Like big spills, vac truck expenses can easily get out of hand

Read some case studies to see how we’ve helped these mining companies reclaim lost time and material (and save money in the process).

DuroVac Potash Vacuum Cleaner

Potash miner picks DuroVac® to cut costs

A global potash fertilizer supplier installed a permanent central vacuum solution

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