Portable Industrial Vacuums for Fast, Flexible Cleanup

The PowerLift Series of industrial vacuums includes an electric model, a propane or diesel model, and a silica variation for complete OSHA compliance. Featuring an astonishingly small footprint, each portable OSHA-compliant vacuum system is designed for powerful suction and easy material disposal or reclamation. These abrasive vacuum systems are a critical component of many companies’ operations.

In 2017, OSHA updated its rules regarding the acceptable level of silica dust exposure for industrial workers. In certain environments, such as construction sites and iron foundries, there may be enough silica dust in the air for workers to inhale it, which can lead to a host of respiratory issues as well as cancer with prolonged exposure.

This makes the use of industrial HEPA vacuum equipment in these applications extremely important. Our forklift movable vacuums and other portable solutions help our customers keep their employees safe and remain in compliance.

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