Continuous Duty Vacuums

Like their namesake, DuroVac Series industrial vacuums are engineered to deliver exceptional value. With super-efficient filtration and a durable frame, you get consistent performance, cost savings and added uptime in your facility.

Industrial facilities depend on these continuous duty vacuums because they can run 24/7. Since these systems are relatively maintenance-free and experience virtually no engine burnout, they are ideal for manufacturing operations and production lines. They can capture sawdust, metal chips and other particulates — even inside large spaces. No matter how it fits into your facilities, you can count on one of our solutions to get the job done with high degrees of performance and longevity.

Everything we produce is made with the same eye toward durability and old-fashioned reliability. We hate the idea of planned obsolescence; our goal is to keep our customers happy for as long as possible. This means our positive displacement vacuum pumps, high-volume vacuum systems, centrifugal vacuum pumps, industrial canister vacuums and more meet and exceed the expectations of operators, engineers, technicians and buyers.

When buying from us, you can expect a premium experience from start to finish. We have a highly knowledgeable team of experts and more than 30 years of history building a reputable brand. We know how important quality is to you and do whatever it takes to provide it.

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