Get to know our CEO, Anh-Tai Vuong

A veteran of the DuroVac team, Anh-Tai’s career history is intertwined with the company’s evolution. With deep roots in the success of DuroVac, he’s truly passionate about upholding our brand promise. Learn how our CEO helped to shape the company as we know it today.

Who is Anh-Tai Vuong?

Anh-Tai Vuong is the proud Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DuroVac. He began his first position here in 2007, and since then he has worked to build strong relationships with our customers, develop the company’s values, and shape its future into one of sustainability and success.

How did he get here?

Anh-Tai’s first job as a young adult was at the Hilton Hotels, where he learned the essentials of hospitality and customer service. After graduating from university, he worked as a shop supervisor for a wheel manufacturer, a sales executive for a pharmaceutical conference sales company and a sales engineer for a small distributor of air pollution control equipment. The latter is where he first represented DuroVac and began his relationship with our company.

What has he accomplished within DuroVac?

After several years as a Sales and Business Development Manager, Anh-Tai became the President at DuroVac in 2019. His many accomplishments earned him the title of CEO in 2024.

Some of his career successes include major sales in potash and aluminum smelting, where he was able to demonstrate the toughness of our vacuum systems in these notoriously abrasive industries. Anh-Tai also believes in learning from his failures, including a sales partnership that fell through and created a new competitor — and drove him to create even more market differentiation for DuroVac.

Anh-Tai’s other milestones include starting a branding and website project that elevated the look, feel, and user experience of our website; implementing Salesforce as a CRM; participating in acquisition due diligence; and developing a shareholder transition plan that paved the way for his role as President.

That’s when he penned DuroVac’s Values, Visions, and Brand Promise, which are instrumental in shaping the way we deal with customers, employees, and partners. Anh-Tai also managed our expansion from 10 to 25 employees and the transition from a team of 3 executives to our current team of 6 managers. > Meet the Team

Under his leadership, we experienced 3 consecutive years of internal and external growth during some of the industry’s most turbulent years. Our employees’ fulfillment index also trended upwards of 9/10 between 2020–2022.

As a CEO representing shareholders, Anh-Tai’s major successes include achieving 73% sales growth over 5 years, tripling EBITDA, distilling the corporation structure, and maintaining a debt-free balance sheet with a strong cash position.

What is his current mission?

With so many accomplishments behind him, Anh-Tai strives to keep the momentum going in the coming years. His objectives include further developing the management team to decentralize the operational decision-making process, collaborating with the management team to create even more efficient processes and procedures, and preparing DuroVac for its next phase of growth in 2025 and beyond.

What does he do for fun?

Anh-Tai completed the Conservatory in piano and thoroughly enjoys singing. He loves amateur photography and uses professional equipment to capture portrait and landscape scenes that inspire him. He taught snowboarding for nearly 10 years and also has a history of playing badminton, but these days his favorite sport is volleyball (a hobby he shares with his wife and our COO, Maude). In the next 10 years, Anh-Tai hopes to tour the world with his family.