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We design and manufacture the toughest vacuum equipment to withstand the most rugged industrial environments. From freestanding portable vacs to large-scale central vacuum systems, our products are engineered to meet the demands of your business. Years of experience as an industrial vacuum company have led us to new heights. We can even design a custom-built solution for your facility. From fine dust particles to messy chemical cleanups, there’s no job too tough for this industrial vacuum equipment supplier.
DuroVac is the leading industrial vacuum manufacturer dedicated to operational efficiency and process improvements. Thanks to the performance and reliability of our products, we’re the industrial vacuum cleaner supplier with the lowest cost of ownership. Your industrial setting is demanding, and our powerful equipment never backs down.
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Industrial Vacuums by System

We believe there is a DuroVac vacuum for every industrial facility — even if we have to build it from scratch. Read more about the types of systems we build as a heavy duty vacuum cleaner manufacturer for industrial applications.

Modern industrial settings are exposed to dangerous dust particles and hazardous messes. As the leading industrial vacuum supplier, we know your vacuum systems play an essential role in your business’s cleanliness and regulatory compliance. DuroVac also offers industrial vacuum rentals for your temporary projects. We’re an industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturer that prides itself on creating the right solutions to meet your business’s needs. We look forward to putting our products to work for you!

Industrial Vacuums by Series

DuroVac industrial vacuums come in many shapes and sizes, but each one is designed for toughness, ease of use, unmatched filtration, efficiency and the lowest maintenance on the market.

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German gases and engineering company gets a custom vacuum solution

When Linde GmbH needed an industrial hazardous waste vacuum that measured up to their exacting standards, DuroVac delivered a custom configuration.

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