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The Durovac Difference

What makes DuroVac Different?

As a company, DuroVac delivers each system with extreme confidence backed by experience. Our highly knowledgeable team has spent over 30 years building a reputable brand within the industrial vacuum industry. We understand the quality your team expects.

With DuroVac, you can expect a premium experience from the beginning.

Precision quotes

As technology leaders, our reps deliver precise quotes over the phone. From simple to complex applications, our quick quoting accuracy is a major advantage of working with DuroVac.

Zero-cost Warranty

Each of our vacuums comes with a zero-cost warranty guarantee. If your vacuum isn’t working out, we’ve got you covered — along with filters and free shipping to boot.

Heavy-duty engineering

Every DuroVac vacuum is built like a tank. With intensely durable, abrasion-proof steel, our vacs come ready to work. They’re engineered with as few parts as possible, ensuring that less can go wrong and keeping downtime at a minimum.

Nerd is the word

We know more about vacuums than you’ll ever want to. That’s because we’re excited about what we do — an attitude we’ve kept up for over 30 years in the business. You’ll get real, personal customer service from a team of vacuum nerds who want to give you the very best product for your application.

Unbridled power

Make quick work of even the most abrasive or static material with unrivaled power and filtration. With stronger and more portable vacuums, you get more done in less time. DuroVac puts the power of safe, consistent material removal in your hands.