Elevator Series - Industrial Vacuum

An evolution of the popular PowerLift series, the Elevator (EL) Series of industrial vacuums is designed to quickly fill Supersacs, drums or hoppers for material reclamation.

Available from 20 to 40 horsepower, the EL industrial dust filtration systems combine forklift portability with incredible filtration. This explosion-proof industrial vacuum makes it easy for plant workers to collect almost any dry powder, pellet or granule. With the use of this vacuum, it becomes much easier to keep your facility clean and safe.

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  • Plug-and-play design. Simply bring power and utilities, and you're good to go!
  • Quickly fills drums or Supersacs.
  • Perfect engineered industrial vacuum for silica dust or other toxic materials (HEPA grade filtration).
  • Easily transport to the mess, elevate the filter housing and set snap-lock pins, and then start operating at maximum efficiency in minutes.
  • Configurable for NPFA compliance, continuous or batch material disposal, weather and dust protection, and more.