DuroVac® beats the heat at Qatar Airways hangar

The Problem:
Qatar Airways' maintenance hangar was tight, dusty and incredibly hot
Our Solution:
DuroVac's PowerLift® Portable Vacuum Cleaner fit the bill in a tight spot
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Qatar Airways has its own maintenance hangar for aircraft. All rudders and other components are made of carbon fibre, which requires sanding, but the area must be kept dust free.

WESS FZE quoted a central vacuum system with four drops to suck carbon fibre dust in various locations throughout the workshop.

The unit was placed outside because the area was not very large. A Portable Industrial Vacuum Loader (DVP) unit was used as a central vacuum system. Fixed pipes were installed and a unit was up and running in no time.

During the summer temperatures reach 50 degrees Celsius in the shade, so a small enclosure was built around the unit for shade.

The system has been vacuuming carbon fibre dust since 2011 without any issue and is used on a daily basis.

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