DuroVac® maintains a sweet, dust-free environment

The Problem:
A candy maker in Tennessee wanted to create a completely dust-free facility
Our Solution:
Central Vacuum System met a number of corporate and regulatory requirements
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A food company in Tennessee that manufactures various sugar candies recently conducted a large-scale plant expansion project, with the goal of creating a completely dust free facility.

Airsystem Sales Inc., a local supplier and installer, quoted a central vacuum system with 42 drops that could be operated at any point in time with up to 10 users.

Their corporate and local health and safety staff insisted the vacuum receiver be mounted outside, because of sugar’s ability to cause an explosion.

DuroVac responded with a central vacuum system that met all requirements that required fewer horsepower than the competition.

The DuroVac system included explosion venting to meet the requirements of NFPA 69, pulse jet cleaned PTFE filters, rotary airlock, NEMA 4 controls, inline filter, “no operator” detect, sound enclosure, and 10 hose and tool sets.

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