Semi-portable central vacuum ideal for equipment cleaning

The Problem: The central vacuum system needed to be powerful, portable yet hooked into the company's piping system

Our Solution: The PowerLift® Portable Vacuum Loader met all the performance requirements for two operators

Durovac Vacuum for Fertilizer

A fertilizer mixing plant in Michigan makes combinations of NPK fertilizer with micro-nutrients, which it supplies to the local farming industry.

The plant needed a vacuum system to maintain the production area, which is a health and safety issue, as well as a maintenance and production concern for all fertilizer mixing plants.

Sometimes piles of materials staged for production can further complicate matters. DuroVac worked with the customer on the design parameters to supply a powerful vacuum system that would be semi-portable yet still connected to a piping network.

The result was a Powerlift system that met all performance requirements for up to two simultaneous operators. The solution included the implementation of the DuroVac-designed “XFS Upgrade” for corrosion-resistance.

The DuroVac PowerLift Portable Vacuum Loader has been in constant operation since being installed.