German gases and engineering company gets a custom vacuum solution

The Problem:
An EPCM company had highly specific requirements for a custom industrial vacuum order, which was an issue for many potential vendors.
Our Solution:
DuroVac rose to the challenge and delivered on all the requested scope changes until the project was successfully completed.
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Our contact never gave up on supporting us.
Andreas Mihm

While DuroVac sells “off the shelf” vacuum models, it often modifies vacuum systems or customizes them from the ground up to fit a customer’s particular needs. Sometimes manufacturers require a very particular vacuum solution — a challenge that is all the more rewarding when DuroVac proves willing and able to deliver.

That’s what happened when Linde GmbH, a gases and engineering company with a global presence, put out requests for two projects: one for a Canadian facility, and one based in the United States. Based in southern Germany, Linde GmbH recently merged with Praxair and needed a reliable vacuum solutions provider to meet their precise needs.

3D render of a central vacuum custom design-built for Linde GmbH.

The oil and gas industry typically requires extensive specifications and standards to meet, which can intimidate vendors in the quoting process. The DuroVac team eagerly answered the call and got right down to the details.

“Both projects began with enormous support during the inquiry phase,” says Andreas Mihm, Lead Engineer at Linde GmbH. "DuroVac incorporated many changes until the scope was finally defined.”

Early in the project, a close partnership with the customer was critical to delivering the right solution. According to Mihm, other vendors fell short in that area, which led his team to decide on DuroVac when the time came to place an order.

A DuroVac representative acted as a dedicated point of contact with Mihm’s team.

“Our contact never gave up on supporting us, even after we asked for numerous changes and reviews,” he says. “At the very end of the project, we ended up making adjustments down to the centimetres to make sure the DuroVac model fit our process.”

In the end, the project was deemed a success.

“DuroVac showed they can get into the finer details,” Mihm adds.

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