Potash miner picks DuroVac® to cut costs

The Problem: Potash miner in Saskatchewan wanted to reduce costs by replacing vacuum truck contractors with a permanent solution

Our Solution: DuroVac's central vacuum system replaced expensive outsourced service

DuroVac Potash Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning of the potash galleries is a tough job with numerous complicating factors, such as employee health and safety, maintenance and production concern.

Cypress Sales Partnership, an industrial equipment installer in Regina and Saskatoon, Sask., worked with DuroVac on the design parameters to build a very powerful central vacuum.

DuroVac responded with a central vacuum system that met all performance requirements, including the implementation of their in-house innovated “XFS Upgrade” to improve corrosion-resistance.

The DuroVac Core central vacuum system has been in constant operation since being installed in 2009.