PowerLift Series

PowerLift Silica Vacuum

We did the math: over 15 years with a PowerLift® Silica (PLS), you spend an average of $308 per year on maintenance. Yup, that's it.

Optimized for OSHA compliance, the PLS delivers 99.97% HEPA filtration along with forklift portability. Because our filters last an average of 5.4 years — ten times longer than other big systems — you spend only $5,000 on parts over a 15-year period. That's a far cry from the usual $50,000.

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  • Consistent and powerful fixed-volume, tri-lobe positive displacement blower.
  • 40 hp TEFC electric motor (also available in 30 hp).
  • Single operator with 4.0’’ hose for large spills.
  • Dual stage HEPA filtration with no compressed air required.
  • 1.5 cubic yard built-in dump hopper.