Vacuum Conveying Systems

Powerful suction, easy disposal

Material-loading central vacuums are a key method for conveying material with easy disposal. These vacuums move a high tonnage of material, so you can save thousands of dollars annually by eliminating vacuum truck rentals. No more all-day shoveling for your workers.

Vacuum conveying systems offer heavy-duty, continuous suction through positive displacement vacuum pumps, which pull harder as the job gets tougher. Choose from 15 hp to 500 hp.

  • Intended for single operator use.
  • Can combine with new or existing pneumatic conveying networks.
  • Normally support tools greater than 2.5” to handle larger clean-ups.
Get DuroVac’s system design team to help you configure the right central vacuum for your application.

Come prepared

When you call, please have the following information ready:

  1. Material Type
  2. Mess Size (pictures)
  3. Indoors/Outdoors
  4. Number of Simultaneous Operators
  5. Internal/External Storage
  6. Hose Length
  7. Farthest Point

What do we do with this info?

  1. Calculate and select the right vacuum package for your application
  2. Match to a DuroVac® filter separator for maximum uptime
  3. Package everything up with piping design and ergonomic user/operator accessories
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