Chemical firm turns to DuroVac for clean-out

The Problem:
A manufacturer of color concentrates needed to suck up explosive, dry, fine powders in large volumes
Our Solution:
Central Vacuum System with 15 HP regenerative exhauster
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Ampacet Colours, an Ontario-based manufacturer of color concentrates and additive master-batches for the plastics manufacturing industry, contacted Northwind Air Systems through the DuroVac website.

Ampacet needed a four-operator, multi-inlet central vacuum system for heavy duty housekeeping of explosive, dry fine powders. The company also needed something that could handle large clean-out volumes during production change-over of pigments.

The solution was a 15 horsepower regenerative exhauster with a 26-inch-diameter pulse jet filter separator discharging via a six-inch rotary air lock into super sacs.

This was a turnkey installation with tube and fittings for 20 1.5-inch vacuum inlets. The filter separator was fitted with an explosion vent panel to meet NFPA 68 and a Kst value of 148. The system was installed outdoors on a concrete pad.

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