Design-Built Vacuum Systems

The mad scientists of industrial vacuums

Need an outside-the-box solution for your ultra-specific application? It might be a job for DuroVac’s secret vacuum lab. With help from our custom vacuum experts, no job is too big, too wild, or too complex. We are the mad scientists of industrial vacuum system design.


Design-building vacuums:
Our process

DuroVac’s core lineup of systems is engineered to address the vast majority of our customers’ applications, but some situations call for a custom vacuum solution. We provide a free initial consultation to see if it’s feasible for your application.

Custom Industrial Vacuum system by DuroVac

If our expertise matches up with your needs, we typically break the custom-designed project into three phases.

1) Evaluate Feasibility

When the time comes to issue a purchase order (PO), we identify key operating parameters, system calculations and selections. We support the PO with a General Arrangement drawing for approval.

2) Collaboration

Your team collaborates with a dedicated project manager, which allows us to align our deliverables with your specifications. Due to budget or time constraints, some companies opt to skip this step and move straight to Detailed Engineering.

3) Detailed Engineering

This is where our engineers get started on your custom vacuum systems in earnest. It’s a complete design-build phase that includes a detailed engineering step.

Why would you need a custom-built vacuum?


Is your material highly combustible, carcinogenic or otherwise hazardous? We can look at custom filtration systems and extra safety features for you.


Do you work in a high-heat plant environment or one with strong magnetic fields? We can put together an extra-tough vac to work with you in the trenches.


Do you use a unique system of conveyance or processing equipment that won’t play nicely with regular solutions? We can build a vac that fits your process to a T.

Start Customizing Sound like your facility? Let's get to work on the right solution.

Step into our industrial vacuum laboratory! Get in touch with a DuroVac rep to start design-building custom vacuum systems that fit your process like a glove.

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