Portable Industrial Vacuum Systems

When your mess needs finesse

A spill in your plant shouldn’t derail production. When you need to clean up in a pinch, a portable industrial vacuum makes it easy to maneuver into tight spots. With a tough build and excellent filtration, you know a DuroVac system can handle any material you throw at it.

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Portable vacuums just work. Period.

Portable industrial vacuum cleaners are a great complement to a centralized system, and they can handle quite a bit on their own.

If we had to sum up what people love about DuroVac portable vacuums, we’d put it like this: the vacs just work. They’re fast to set up, easy to operate and barely need maintenance.

Trailer-Mounted Industrial Vacuums for heavy duty cleaning.


Once our reps have helped you configure and order your vacuum system, it’s pretty much ready to go. It’s a truly plug-and-play setup.


Our customers always mention how much they love working with our portable skid-mounted vacuums. It’s easy for staff to bring a vac over to a spill and quickly take care of it.


Our vacuum filters are the best in the industry. Most filters break or clog within weeks or months, but a DuroVac filter typically lasts several years.

Every manufacturing plant has a different mess to contend with. Maybe you have a light film of dust on every surface, or maybe it’s hard to access equipment with piles of debris lying around. Maybe it looks like the scene of a catastrophe.

Whether your dust levels are light or catastrophic, a hardy portable vacuum goes where you need it, when you need it.

And just like that, your job gets easier.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Convert a portable into a central

As an economical alternative to a central industrial vacuum, DuroVac can configure a portable vacuum system to do the same job.

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Portable Industrial Vacuums

DuroVac's DVP Industrial Portable Vacuum

DuroVac Series

DV Series: Ultra-reliable and straightforward

Whether you need to move lighter materials or dense, heavy messes, the DV Series delivers excellent value in a medium industrial-grade vacuum. Both run quietly and are easy to use.

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DuroVac's Elevator Series  Industrial Vacuum for image gallery.

Elevator Series - Industrial Vacuum

Elevator Series: A bigger, tougher hybrid option

If you’re considering a portable-to-central hybrid vacuum, you can’t go wrong with the Elevator Series. It’s tough enough to handle larger spills and dense, heavy materials with a more compact configuration.

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Run through your options with an expert

There’s a lot to learn about the world of industrial vacuums, but we’ve got you covered. Get in touch to discuss your options with a DuroVac rep. We can quickly recommend the best vacuum system to meet the needs of your facility.

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